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*Interior design.

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On the move and on breaks alike, the interior of the new Actros is a continual source of fresh motivation for the tough job in long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage.

The interior of the new Actros meets the highest standards in terms of driving and living comfort and ergonomics. Because in designing the cabs the emphasis was placed firmly on the driver's needs. From the choice of colours, which conjures up a congenial setting and a pleasant sense of space, to the new interior light concept. Everything serves to make work easier – and to make breaks on board as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

Advantages at a glance:

  • High-quality, attractive interior design with distinct separation of workplace and living area
  • New interior light concept for optimum illumination of the cab
  • LED ambient lighting and LED ambient driving and living lighting for a particularly warm and snug light mood and better orientation during breaks or night-time driving
  • StyleLine and TrendLine interior concepts to individualise the interior and exterior

New interior light concept.

The new interior light concept provides excellent illumination of the cab in practically any situation. In addition to the interior light to illuminate the entire cab and two reading lights, it also comprises a subtle blue night light to help the driver find their way around the cab while on the move.

LED ambient lighting.

The image shows items of equipment from the Actros EDITION 1 special model. For further information, please contact your Mercedes-Benz partner.

The new LED ambient lighting delivers a homely illumination of the interior and thus provides a better living atmosphere. For example thanks to the additional ambient night-time driving light with 10 blue LEDs in the footwell and the indirect living area light in amber and blue. The LED ambient lighting also includes a light alarm clock which further increases comfort.

The system comprises several illumination components which have been tailored to one another, such as the ambient light ring on the ceiling which offers various uses for day or night-time, then there is the reading spotlight and various LED spotlights.

LED ambient lighting, driving and living.

The additional lighting elements of the LED ambient lighting for driving and living provide a homely illumination of the interior and thus help create a better living atmosphere.

The LED spotlight underneath the stowage compartments on the front windscreen make for a better perception of depth and thus an improved feeling of spaciousness. The indirect, amber-coloured illumination of the compartments above the doors, as well as the side walls near the beds support a more homely atmosphere.

StyleLine.The new StyleLine lends the cab an even more stylish, contemporary ambiance through trim with a chrome look.

Besides the trim with chrome look and the lettering on the instrument panel, the leather steering wheel and the steering-column lever, as well as the parking brake underscore the individual character with chrome trim. The chrome bezels on the instrument cluster and the multi-touch-display brighten the cockpit further. Velour carpet inserts afford greater comfort. And the lower cover of the MirrorCam, painted in the vehicle colour with StyleLine lettering, makes a clear statement to the outside.

TrendLine.The new TrendLine can lend a warm and extremely homelike atmosphere to the cab through trim pieces with a wood look.

The distinctive trim strip with TrendLine lettering on the instrument panel is complemented by further wood trim on the hand brake lever, the platform and next to the steering wheel. Also included: velour carpet inserts and lower cover of the MirrorCam with TrendLine logo and painted in the vehicle colour.


A truck that turns heads.With its cabs, the new Actros offers an ideal option for virtually every type of requirement in long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage. A perfect combination of design and functionality which is also underscored in unique fashion by its striking exterior.

GigaSpace upgrade.

Additional design elements give the GigaSpace cab an even more individual design for a yet more striking impression. In addition to the chrome strip with GigaSpace lettering and MirrorCam in chrome look/body colour, these elements also include grey surrounds for the headlamps and LED turn signal lamps, for example.

Advantages at a glance:

  • 17 cab variants for use in long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage
  • Striking, enhanced exterior design and further optimised aerodynamics
  • A distinctive light signature, optional automatic high/low beam and cornering light1, LED daytime running lamps and LED tail lamps
  • MirrorCam2, optional optimised roof spoiler and cab side deflectors for further fuel savings
  • Optional ExtraLine and GigaSpace upgrade equipment packages for an even more striking and individual look

See and be seen better.

The new light signature combined with the typical high beam headlamps lends the Actros a distinctive appearance at day and night. The new, optional travelling, high, low beam and cornering light function1 headlamp system offers improved light conditions and optimum illumination of the carriageway for added safety in virtually any driving situation.

LED daytime running lamps1.

Apart from adding distinctive visual highlights, the modern design also provides for greater durability and helps to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

LED tail lamps.

The new LED tail lamps set clear standards. Especially the turn signals, whereby the light signal starts on the inside and moves in an outward direction.

Rain sensor.

Thanks to the rain sensor, the driver can concentrate fully on driving even when it rains and is relieved of routine tasks such as operating and regulating the windscreen wiper. When the rain sensor is activated, it automatically regulates the windscreen wiper.

Sophisticated aerodynamics.

Air deflector, adjustable, with cab side deflectors.

The newly designed side deflectors with matching roof spoiler together with the MirrorCams and the new wind deflectors are part of a package of measures to optimise aerodynamics. In combination with a longer rear axle ratio for OM 471 and the new Predictive Powertrain Control, fuel consumption of the new Actros can be reduced by up to 5%.

The aerodynamically optimised air deflector on the cab roof reduces fuel consumption significantly. It is rigid and is supplemented by concave side deflectors and a concave base cover.

Aerodynamic eye-catcher. MirrorCam instead of conventional rear-view mirrors adds expressive visual and aerodynamic highlights to the new Actros.

[1] Not in conjunction with 320 mm engine tunnel and not in conjunction with straight front axle.

[2] Not for ADR vehicles.