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*To satisfy the highest standards.

More facts at a glance.

With the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories and the industry-specific vehicle concepts, the new Actros helps to make long-distance haulage work easier and more pleasant.

The new Actros NGT.

Innovation, Efficiency & Sustainability.

Ecological: of all fossil fuels natural gas possesses the highest ratio between developed energy and the quantity of polluting emissions emitted. It contributes to reducing the smog and the greenhouse emissions.

Safe: filling is as simple as for other traditional fuels. Additionally, the CNG is lighter than air and therefore does not stagnate in the event of a leak

Economical: thanks to low CNG costs in Europe and the government incentives in many countries, running costs are lower than those for diesel.

Convenient: the gas filling is fast and the CNG station network is the most widespread in Europe. In addition, CNG vehicles are often free from traffic restrictions.

What is the CNG?

  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is made by compressing natural gas, which is mainly composed of methane. It is a fuel which can be used instead of gasoline (petrol) diesel fuel and LPG.
  • Can also be obtained from the fermentation of organic residues by means of a 100% ecological process, in this case we speak of Biogas.
  • Is stored in gaseous form at room temperature and distributed in rigid containers at a pressure of about 200 bar.
  • Should not be confused with LNG which is the same gas stored in liquid form at temperatures around –160 °C.

Focus group: Actros NGT Customer.

  • “Green” transport companies sensitive to the environment.
  • Operators in the ecology and waste collection sector.
  • Transport companies specialized in mid-range distribution.
  • Ideal for night deliveries and limited traffic areas.

The Mercedes-Benz solution.

  • The new Actros NGT (Natural Gas Technology) contributes to the improvement of air quality and life.
  • Available versions 18 or 26 tons.
  • 100% CNG range up to 650 km.
  • Up to 95% CO2 emissions with biogas.
  • Significantly lower noise level than a diesel engine1.
  • Allison automatic transmission.

[1]Advantageous for the PIEK standard.

Sector-specific vehicle concepts.

Specialist work requires specialist tools.

The new Actros Loader and the new Actros Volumer: the names say it all.

Giving you a greater payload and volume: in the new Actros Loader and the new Actros Volumer you have two specialists at your disposal that can simply transport more.

The new Actros meets the need for an extremely cost-effective solution to the challenges of long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage. To respond to this requirement all the more effectively in the payload-sensitive and high-volume transport segments, we have developed the new Actros Loader and the new Actros Volumer. Because specialised tasks call for specialised tools – or rather, specialised vehicles.

The new Actros Loader payload-optimised tractor units and rigids combine powerful, fuel-efficient Euro VI engines and cabs matched to the jobs they have to do, with the high standard of safety that is a hallmark of the new Actros.

The new Actros Volumer offers you the opportunity to operate more cost-effectively in the high-volume haulage sector. This high-volume haulage specialist includes features such as a coupling point height of less than 900 mm, to meet the exacting requirements placed on 4x2 tractor units. In practice, this means a clear loading height of 3 m. In addition to the large cargo volume, particularly efficient powertrain configurations and factors such as the huge fuel tank capacity contribute to the enhanced cost-effectiveness. With its Actros Loader and Actros Volumer models, Mercedes-Benz offers application specific vehicle configurations which allow you to run payload and volume-oriented transport operations more profitably.

Genuine Accessories.

For a more personal note and an unmistakeable appearance.

Genuine Accessories for your genuine Mercedes-Benz.

The comprehensive range of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories offers broad scope for individual solutions.

The new Actros impresses across the board. With Genuine Accessories you can lend it the perfect finishing touch and give it a very personal feel: for example, with detachable body parts in chrome and stainless steel for a highly distinctive look. Inside, too, our Genuine Accessories are able to meet practically every requirement with many extras, both large and small, which can make your daily work more enjoyable, more convenient, safer and more efficient. A comprehensive choice can be found in the current accessories catalogue and at your authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Stunning looks: shining stainless steel side panelling
  • Roof lamp bracket1 and additional headlights for enhanced visibility, also with LED technology
  • Ambient lighting2 with a total of 136 LEDs for a cosy atmosphere in the cab
  • Extra wide upper bed for enhanced resting and sleeping comfort
  • Side window wind deflectors for protection from airflow

Stainless steel steps.

Step by step: The custom-fit slip-resistant stainless steel steps for 2500 mm wide cabs not only ensure safe entry into your cab, but also enhance your vehicle's appearance.

Decorative foil "Star".

The extra-large decorative foil star for the side of the vehicle is available in either silver or anthracite and gives the vehicle a special look all of its own.

Extra wide for extra comfort.

The upper "900 mm bed" offers even greater comfort for resting and sleeping in the 2500 mm wide StreamSpace, BigSpace and GigaSpace cabs.

[1] Please observe country-specific legal requirements for the attachment and use of additional headlamps.

[2] Not available in conjunction with factory-fitted ambient lighting.

[3] Also available as accessories ex factory.