Arocs Features


The Best Seat is Reserved for the Driver.

During the first test drive and after countless trips: The Arocs cabs show what distinguishes a modern workplace. With exemplary ergonomics, high functionality and lots of practical details that simply make a difficult job much easier.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Ergonomically designed driver's workplace for enhanced driving comfort and ergonomics
  • Two dashboard variants
  • MirrorCam for improved visibility and greater safety
  • Remote control key, with comfort locking system on request
  • Comprehensive range of optional radios, multimedia facilities and truck navigation
  • Comfortable seats with a particularly generously-dimensioned seating area and broad adjustment range
  • Fast-acting air-controlled heating and ventilation system with residual heat utilisation, optional air conditioning, automatic climate control, hot-water auxiliary heating system and stationary air conditioning system
  • Comprehensive and individually extendable stowage concept featuring a host of practical stowage facilities

Unbridled Power, Restrained Fuel Consumption.

The powerful, robust Arocs engines incorporate advanced, particularly efficient Euro VI technology. On top of this, they have exactly the force that you need every day for hard operations in construction haulage. And the PowerShift Advanced automated gearshift boasts high driving comfort, precise gear selection, efficient power transmission and enhanced handling.

18 engine power output levels.

The particularly long-lived 6-cylinder in-line engines of the Arocs fully cover all performance requirements in construction transport. For optimum job matching, the fuel-efficient Euro VI engines are available in the four displacement classes 7.7 l, 10.7 l, 12.8 l and 15.6 l.

Advantages at a glance.

  • 6-cylinder in-line engines in four displacement classes spanning 18 output levels

  • Spontaneous power delivery resulting from high torque even in the low rev range

  • Broad torque range reduces number of shift operations and saves wear on clutch and transmission

  • PowerShift Advanced automatic gearshift system with six application-oriented gearbox variants

  • Selectable driving modes and additional functions, rocking mode, fast reversing

  • Crawl function with integrated manoeuvring mode for simple moving off and precise manoeuvring

  • Optional manual double H gearshift with pneumatic shifting assistance for one 9- or three 16-speed transmissions1

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