Arocs Extreme Duty


For Extreme Conditions. Arocs Grounder.

Whether it’s the terrain or the load that is extreme, the Arocs Grounder is up to the job, offering higher design weights, more ground clearance and more traction.

With a flexible reinforced chassis made of cold formed, high strength 9 mm steel, reinforced anti-roll bars, and a choice of high strength steel suspension setups, the Arocs is designed to perform off road, whilst coping with the loads imposed by heavy loads. A wide choice of heavy duty axles adds to this – with axle loads up to 9t on front axles and 16t on rear axles available. All Wheel Drive versions are also on offer, and as standard the design weight of the truck is higher - up to 41t on 8x4, 8x6 and 8x8 versions, with options to increase this even higher if required.

The Grounder offers much more than this, as the basis for all extreme duty chassis – whether being fitted with very large loading cranes, concrete pumps, excavation equipment or even as a Heavy Haulage tractor unit, the Arocs Grounder takes it in its stride.

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