Antos Features



All of the seats in the Antos are completely new to give optimum driver comfort, with a wider seat, increased adjustment range and a wide range of finishes available. The standard Air Suspended seat with Flat-weave cover in our range of cabs is impressively comfortable, and Velour, Leather or Dinamica® Star covers are optionally available. In addition to optional heated and ventilated seats, the Antos also offers the option of a centre seat for a third crew member.

Ergonomic Workstation

Practical workstation, fountain of information and command centre in one – centred round the driver; the main vehicle functions are controlled using the multifunction steering wheel. The automated gearshift is operated using the right-hand steering column stalk, while all other control elements, the radio, and the stowage facilities are positioned ergonomically. In short:
it’s perfect for focused working, relaxed driving and precise operation.

Multi-Function Key

The multi-function key adds to the functions of the remote control key with many features that aid driver comfort, convenience and safety. Recharging itself whenever the vehicle is driving, the rugged key displays through a 4.6 cm TFT display, and offers remote control and monitoring of many systems at a range of up to 30 m. A few examples include:

  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Suspension level control
  • Audio system controls
  • Daily bulb check function


Intelligent storage throughout, the Antos offers space for the essentials of heavy-duty distribution, whether gloves, paperwork or straps. Low and high storage trays are available to fit the engine tunnel, and even a 25l fridge can be fitted. With the M-Cab variants, a locker accessible from outside the cab is also available, ideal for dirty items that are better kept out of the working area.

Heating & Air Conditioning

The heating system contributes to the high standard of comfort aboard the new Antos by maintaining an optimum interior climate both while driving and during breaks. Air conditioning, Hot water auxiliary heater and Automatic climate control are available as special equipment, along with the new residual engine heat utilisation function that keeps the inside of the cab at a pleasant temperature for up to two hours after the engine is switched off.

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