The DueL for Greater Efficiency


The Actros DueL for greater efficiency. Test your fleet in direct comparison with the new Actros L. Try out the Actros L at your premises for 2 weeks now and gain valuable insights into its energy consumption, handling and economy.

Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz Actros DueL Programme.

This programme is designed to offer you the opportunity to experience an Actros in your own fleet.  During the trial period, the Actros will demonstrate many of its qualities – the high levels of comfort for the driver, the assured handling, the levels of efficiency in operation and most importantly the capability of the safety and reliability it could bring to your fleet.

To show the effectiveness of the Actros in a transparent way, we gather driver feedback on your current vehicle and the Actros DueL vehicle during the trial, assessing comfort, dynamics, safety systems and more to gain insight on how the Actros experience was and to also explore the comparison to your current fleets’ performance in multiple areas.

A thorough and professional vehicle handover is essential to get the very best from any vehicle, and with this in mind, when the vehicle is delivered into your fleet, we request that we spend at least half a day with your driver, to familiarise them with the controls and how to drive the Actros for the best results.  We will also provide ongoing support to the driver, to answer any questions on the vehicle and provide feedback on the driving style.

The Actros vehicle provided for the trial is a factory-built vehicle to the same specification as any customer ordered vehicle.