New DVLA driver digital cards issued within 24 hours


Drivers can save time by applying and paying online for driver digital tachograph cards. 

The new DVLA digital service allows drivers to apply, renew, or replace a lost or stolen card in minutes and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, cards which are damaged, or malfunctioning, can only be replaced via paper applications.

New cards are issued within 24 hours compared to 10 days or more for post applications. 


How to apply
To get your first GB driver digital tachograph card you must live in England, Scotland, or Wales. You can apply online when you:

  • renew a card if it’s expiring within 90 days
  • replace a lost or stolen card


Your tachograph card will be sent to the address that’s on your driving licence. If it’s incorrect, you’ll need to change the address on your driving licence before you apply. DVLA will use the photograph and signature from your photocard driving licence if you have one.

You can apply online here.


You must apply by post:

  • to change the name or address on your card 
  • to replace a damaged or faulty card
  • to get your first GB driver digital tachograph card if you live abroad
  • to change an EU, EEA or Northern Ireland tachograph card to a GB tachograph card - you must have lived in the UK for more than 6 months in the past year
  • if you have a paper driving licence


DVLA delays for paper applications
Paper applications are currently taking longer than usual, so drivers are encouraged to use the new service to avoid delays.