Mercedes-Benz Uptime - Intelligent Vehicle Connectivity


Mercedes-Benz Uptime's intelligent networking of the vehicle, your Mercedes-Benz Service Partner and your company defines new standards. This results in significantly improved organisation of workshop visits and higher vehicle availability.


Real-time customer support
Three services, one goal: increased vehicle availability thanks to outstanding customer support.
Mercedes-Benz Uptime noticeably increases vehicle availability: by providing real-time support for maintenance operations the customer has to carry out; by ensuring efficient management of repair and maintenance; and by helping you to avoid vehicles breaking down.


Real-time support for customer repairs.
In many instances a failure to carry out maintenance in a timely manner can increase wear to the vehicle and result in damage or a breakdown.

To prevent this, Mercedes-Benz Uptime provides you with real-time information and recommendations on the customer portal with regard to necessary repairs on your truck or trailer.

You can easily perform this work yourself and potentially avoid unnecessary downtime in the workshop and any associated repair costs. These include, for example, replenishing the operating fluids such as AdBlue® or correcting the tyre pressure.


Efficient management of repair and maintenance work.
Applicable repair and maintenance requirements detected at an early stage are automatically reported to your selected Mercedes-Benz Service Partner. Based on this information, your Service Partner can bundle the pending repair and maintenance tasks and contact you to arrange an appointment, optimally tailored to your personal schedule and the maintenance requirements.

Real-time transparency on the condition of your vehicles allows the workshop to prepare for your visit – ordering the required parts in good time, scheduling workshop capacity and preparing the job card. This makes it possible to plan for unscheduled workshop visits while at the same time significantly reducing associated downtime.


Avoidance of predictable breakdowns.
The Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Centre (CAC) will inform you promptly if the system detects a problem (e.g. a leak in the fuel supply high-pressure circuit)1. If an immediate repair is required, the CAC will help you to arrange a workshop appointment that is optimally tailored to your vehicle’s route. The CAC will check in advance to ensure that the parts and resources required are available at the workshop to repair the vehicle as soon as possible. This can avoid potential breakdowns and associated challenges, leaving you free to complete your journey.


Recommended action at a glance
The exclusive Mercedes-Benz Uptime customer portal provides you with a full overview of the current status of your entire fleet in real time.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime customer portal.
Choosing Mercedes-Benz Uptime gives you access to the exclusive online Mercedes-Benz Uptime portal. It provides a complete overview of the overall status of your vehicles in real time: all current messages from Mercedes-Benz Uptime are displayed in a clear format.

Information on the current status of wearing parts and operating fluids in the individual vehicles is available to you here. This allows optimal maintenance and repair scheduling. And if, in addition to Mercedes-Benz Uptime, you use Fleetboard, this information is also displayed in the Fleetboard cockpit, allowing you to continue to work with your familiar systems.


Mercedes-Benz Uptime is an integral part of Mercedes-Benz Complete, Select and Select Plus service contracts.

Through the ideal combination of intelligent vehicle connectivity and a Mercedes-Benz Service Contract, you, as a customer, benefit twice with increased vehicle availability and significantly greater predictability of workshop visits.

In addition, the optimised repair and maintenance costs thanks to Mercedes-Benz Uptime are reflected in attractively priced Service Contracts. All other Mercedes-Benz Service Contracts can also be combined with Mercedes-Benz Uptime.


The new service Mercedes-Benz Uptime2,3,4 makes for even more reliable and cost-effective fleet operation. Because repair and maintenance needs can be identified at an early stage, making them predictable.

Constant communication from all the connected on-board systems generates several gigabytes of data per truck per day, which can be used for a range of vehicle diagnostic functions. The majority of diagnostic processes are already automatically and remotely monitored by Mercedes-Benz Uptime. This means that the cause of the fault is already known by the workshop before your vehicle arrives there.

After the data from the truck has been received, Mercedes-Benz Uptime automatically provides the Dealer with recommendations for action by the workshop within an average of 240 seconds. This enables diagnosis, clear recommendations for action and identification of parts required based on the repair instructions. In other words: the workshop is optimally prepared for your visit, even if it is unscheduled.

This shortens the diagnosis time at over 1500 of our Mercedes-Benz Dealers across Europe who are certified for Mercedes-Benz Uptime. This saves time and money. With the majority of Mercedes-Benz Uptime vehicles, workshop visits have already been reduced by over half thanks to early fault detection. That's not a promise, it's a fact.

This means: your trucks are back on the road faster. Mercedes-Benz Uptime means increased vehicle availability resulting in even more efficient vehicle use.


Intelligent connectivity linking driver, transport office and job opportunities, maximising efficiencies throughout the supply chain. Fleetboard Performance Analysis, coupled with our TruckTraining ensures that you continuously improve and maintain fuel efficiencies throughout your fleet.


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1Certain failures cannot be detected by Mercedes-Benz Uptime. This is the case, for example, where the failure cannot be technically predicted (e.g. mechanical failure of a spring).
2Included in Mercedes-Benz Complete, optionally available with every other Mercedes-Benz Service Contract or as a separate product.
3Can be combined with all Fleetboard services.
4Fitted as standard with option to deselect