The future will drive electrically

Drives plus services: this is how we support you on your path to CO2-neutral transport operations.

Sustainable, fully electric and quiet

A new truck from Mercedes-Benz is always a piece of the future. That's because For decades, the brand with the three-pointed star has been a technological leader. The implementation of another ambitious goal – the vision of CO2-neutral transport – is running at full speed. Here, Mercedes-Benz is clearly committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and will switch completely to electrically powered trucks by 2039.

The eActros is kicking things off. The prototype was soon followed by a further-developed model – the first electrically driven heavy-duty truck on the market, which is currently proving itself in practical operations with numerous customers and will go into series production as early as next year.

But things don't stop there: the eActros Long Haul for ranges of up to 500 kilometres is already in the starting blocks. Just as the eEconic for municipal applications.

E-mobility is about more than just a new drive system
No matter which vehicle or drive system type you choose: for Mercedes-Benz, e-mobility encompasses an entire ecosystem. This includes route analyses, reviewing potential subsidies, support for operational fleet integration and the development of appropriate charging infrastructure. In this way, Mercedes-Benz accompanies its customers into the future at all levels.


A real long-distance type – the fuel cell
Electric drives are not only clean, they are also economical. To make sure that the calculation is right for every application, Mercedes-Benz is relying not only on the battery but also on the fuel cell. As a rule of thumb: the lighter the load and the shorter the distance, the more battery-electric operations are favoured. The heavier the load and the longer the distance, the more likely the fuel cell is the means of choice.

Mercedes-Benz is bundling all of its experience from the past years in the recently presented Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Truck concept vehicle. The two most important figures: up to 1000 kilometres range and up to 25 tonnes of payload.