Active Sideguard Assist 2


Active Sideguard Assist 2, by your side.

The evolved Active Sideguard Assist in the second generation can support drivers across the entire speed range when changing lanes or turning with restricted visibility.

In addition, the two-stage warning system can alert drivers to potential hazards so that they can mitigate a critical traffic situation in good time.

Advanatges of ASGA 2 Include:

  • Monitoring on both driver and front passenger side
  • Two-stage warning system when a hazard is detected inclduing both visual and audible warnings
  • Hazard detection and wanring across the entire speed range
  • If no reaction to the digital warning is detected Active brake application is used on the actual side of the vehicle at speeds up to 20 km/h


System correspond to a selection of future system generations, which will be available for all models once the updated GSR specifications become binding.