Mercedes PRO Connect


The new Sprinter with Mercedes PRO connect.


The Sprinter is the first van on the market with its own fully integrated telematics solution - included for free*. Mercedes PRO connect provides your business with a cost-effective way to connect with your vehicles and drivers - in real time. It's an intelligent vehicle monitoring and communication system that helps improve accountability and drive efficiency to seamlessly keep your business moving.

With cutting edge hardware, simple vehicle manager and driver platforms and innovative software that's continuously updated, Mercedes PRO connect future-proofs your business.

Mercedes PRO connect offers a variety of features that are currently available via eight different packages - and there are even more packages planned for the future.

*With the Sprinter, we offer a range of connected vehicle services free of charge.
These include: MB Emergency Call System (eCall), Maintenance Management, Accident and Breakdown Management, Fleet Communication, Internet in the van and Digital Trip Management. We also offer a range of extended services, which are offered free of charge, for three years. These extended services include: Vehicle Supervision, Vehicle Operations, Theft Warning, Eco Monitor and Drive Style Monitor. Drive Style Monitor is available from Q3 2019. Additional premium services are also available to purchase via our Mercedes PRO eStore, including: Remote Services and Digital Driver’s log. The service ‘Internet in the van’ which acts as a WiFi hotspot requires a separate data contract with Vodafone. Navigation Services are offered free of charge in conjunction with factory fitted MBUX Navigation (E1E), for three years.


Mercedes PRO Connect features

Enjoy a complete overview of everything with Mercedes PRO connect

Mercedes PRO connect is the only fully integrated telematics solution on the market, giving businesses of all sizes a cost-effective way to intelligently connect fleet managers, drivers and vehicles in real time - improving accountability, driving efficiency and seamlessly keeping your business moving.

Optimised Assistance
Manage maintenance and repairs, receive alerts in safety critical events such as low brake fluid and receive automatic roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident.

Digital Records
Save time and enjoy complete visibility over vehicle use - Digital Records show data from all completed trips, saving time when it comes to record-keeping, helping to optimise regular trips, and separating business and personal use.

Efficient Fleet Management 
The vehicle tracking system provides a real-time overview of each vehicle's status, location, fuel levels and more, to allow for better planning and more responsive deployment of vehicles.

Efficient Driving Style Analysis
Reduce fuel consumption and increase safety - data on each user's driving style gives actionable insights to optimise fuel efficiency and safety.

Simplified Communication
Plan and manage assignments online and communicate them directly to drivers, improving productivity with the integrated fleet telematics.

Improved Navigation
Get there faster and more efficiently with navigation that draws data from multiple sources including other Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, to give drivers the very best route.

Mobile Vehicle Access
Control each van from anywhere in the world – fleet managers can operate certain functions of the vehicle remotely and give multiple users keyless access to the same vehicle, improving van security.

Van to X communicaton
New Mercedes Sprinters can communicate with each other and the traffic infrastructure, transmitting information on things like hazards and traffic.


Which Mercedes PRO connect solution is right for you?

Businesses change: Your fleet has existing vehicles that could be more efficient with an innovative connectivity and fleet solution? There are pending vehicle replacements? Mercedes PRO connect has the suitable offer for you.


Installed ex-factory: The communication module.
The new Sprinter is the first Mercedes-Benz van to be available ex-factory with the connectivity and fleet solutions from Mercedes PRO connect3. It is optimally connected from the start thanks to the permanently installed communication module.

  • Ex-factory connectivity and fleet solutions for the new Sprinter
  • Diverse Mercedes PRO connect services – bundled in 8 attractive value-added packages
  • Constant expansion and improvement of the services
  • More efficiency through internet connection


Retrofit: The Mercedes PRO Adapter.

The Mercedes PRO Adapter is the compact hardware for retrofit. It can be installed after the fact in selected Mercedes-Benz Vans models2. As a result, the innovative Mercedes PRO connect services can also be used in your current vehicles.

  • Simple retrofit for selected Vito and Sprinter models2
  • A total of 5 Mercedes PRO connect services for efficient fleet management
  • Innovative connectivity in your current vehicle fleet
  • Simple installation of the Mercedes PRO Adapter

To access the PRO connect portal click here 

1 Mercedes PRO connect, the connectivity and fleet solution, is initially available for the Vito and the Sprinter. For vehicles with the "Continuous engine operation" feature (MW1) there are functional restrictions with the "Digital Trip Management" and Digital Driver's Log services. If the continuous engine operation feature is active, only one journey is recognised. 2 The Mercedes PRO Adapter is available for the Vito 639 from 11/2010, for the Vito 447 from 10/2014 and for the Sprinter 906 from 04/2006. The Mercedes PRO Adapter cannot be used with Mercedes-Benz vans available ex-factory with the communication module (LTE) for digital services (JH3). 3 The communication module is available in the Sprinter 907 and 910 from 06/2018. 4 Depending on regional availability.5 The provision of services in conjunction with the integral communications module depends on the network coverage of the mobile network provider. 6 At the go-live of Mercedes PRO connect in the new Sprinter, there is a Vehicle Management Tool for the ex-factory solution with communication module and a separate Vehicle Management Tool for the retrofit solution with the Mercedes PRO Adapter. 7 Operation of the Mercedes PRO connect App and the Mercedes PRO Adapter App while driving is not permitted. Otherwise there is a risk of being distracted from the traffic situation and endangering oneself or others. Please also note the legal provisions of the country you are currently in.8 Mercedes PRO is available in selected European countries, and in the USA from 09/2018. Contact us for more information.