eVito Panel Van


Up to 93* mile range

The eVito Panel Van delivers an innovative solution to sustainable transport; comfortable, secure and functional, just as you would expect from Mercedes-Benz Vans.
It has a range of up to 93* miles. 2 vehicle lengths are available; the Long (L2) which offers a load compartment volume of 6.0m3 and the Extra Long (L3) with 6.6m3.

The eVito Panel Van is perfectly suited to urban operations and makes frequent recurring trips effective.

*Electrical consumption and range have been determined on the basis of Directive 692/2008/EC. Electrical consumption and range are dependent on the vehicle configuration, and in particular on the selected maximum speed restriction.
Electrical consumption and range have been determined on the basis of Directive 2017/1151/EU. Electrical consumption and range are dependent on the vehicle configuration, and in particular on the selected maximum speed restriction.

The actual range is furthermore dependent upon the individual driving style, the road and traffic conditions, outside temperature, use of climate control/heating system, etc. and may differ.


Choosing an eVito could start to pay off straight away. The highly efficient electric drive means the eVito already matches the total cost of ownership of a diesel or petrol van. You can maximise your cost savings by taking advantage of lower overnight charging costs and by optimising power consumption while driving. To maximise battery performance, the eVito uses a process called recuperation that recovers energy when the vehicle is decelerating. You can adjust the recuperation mode with the gearshift paddles and the greater the recuperation, the faster you decelerate. 

Peace of mind
The eVito comes with a 3 year unlimited mileage vehicle warranty, which matches the entire Mercedes-Benz Vans range. It also benefits from an 8 year, 100,000km battery warranty giving you additional peace of mind. As you would expect it has been fully tested and has passed our comprehensive winter test battling temperatures of up to -30°C. It has extensive corrosion protection with a fully galvanised body.

Doing the heavy lifting for you
As the vehicle batteries are housed in the underbody of the vehicle, they don’t compromise any load space in the cargo area. The L2 variant has a maximum payload of up to 923kg and up to 6m3 loading space and the L3 variant can carry 898 kg in its generous 6.6m3 space. With twin side loading doors and a low loading height, you can handle even the most difficult loading and unloading tasks with ease


Mercedes PRO connect as standard

The eVito also comes with Mercedes PRO connect as standard, with many features free for 2 years. This digital solution provides valuable information about vehicle functionality which can be accessed remotely - reducing down time and increasing efficiency on the road.

Mercedes PRO connect monitors repairs and servicing requirements meaning workshop visits can be scheduled well in advance. It also includes dedicated electric features such as locating charging points whilst optimising route planning, remotely checking the charge status of your vehicle and pre-conditioning cabin temperature ahead of your journey (drawing on mains power, not your battery). To learn more download the Mercedes PRO connect brochure or speak to your Dealer. 


Use electrical energy as efficiently as possible

Maximum use of range thanks to the drive programs and recuperation
The drive system includes the electric motor, the high-voltage battery, the power electronics and the charger. The electric motor powers the front wheels and draws the energy required from the high-voltage battery. This is primarily charged from the power supply and can be further fed during vehicle use by the use of recuperation thanks to reclaimed energy.

The intelligent operating strategy ensures as efficient utilisation as possible: with 3 drive programs and 4 recuperation stages, the electrical consumption and thus also the range can be optimised. The 3 drive programs "E+", "E" and "C" are selected via the drive program switch in the centre console, the 4 recuperation levels "D-", "D", "D+" and "D++" via the steering wheel gearshift paddle.

During recuperation, energy is reclaimed if the vehicle is delayed. For example, the battery charges when going downhill, instead of losing the energy when braking in the form of heat. The respective setting for the drive program and recuperation level is displayed in the display of the instrument cluster. With this route-based operating-mode strategy the economy of the vans can be further optimised with electric drive in daily operation on the road.


Fully charged in 6 hours

The eVito’s high-voltage battery system can be charged in around 6 hours1 from 0 to 100% using a Type II charging connector with an output of up to 7.4 kW. A 4m charging cable is included as standard with an optional 8m cable also available. Whilst charging, the central locking system of the vehicle secures the connector.

Whilst out and about, Mercedes PRO connect constantly searches for nearby charging stations en route.


Exemplary safety

A high voltage system that’s highly protected
The eVito not only completes the same vehicle trials and crash tests as the standard Vito, it also benefits from a protective frame that surroundes the powertrain, the high-voltage battery and the high-voltage cables.

A further protective plate shields the battery system from below.

All high-voltage cables are safely insulated and instantly recognisable from their orange cabling. In addition, the vehicle constantly monitors whether the high voltage cables are properly connected. If a problem or fault is detected, the high-voltage system is automatically switched off. This means, for example, if you’re involved in an accident and the airbags are activated, the vehicle de-energises immediately. For rescue workers, ‘a rescue separation point’ is installed under the front passenger seat, which enables the power supply to be instantly cut off. In all other circumstance, only trained technicians should work on the high-voltage system – even in the event of a breakdown.

Find out if the eVito will go the distance for you
The eVito is perfect for last mile, stop/start urban driving – use our eVAN Ready app to analyse your daily driving routines and find out if the eVito has a suitable range for you.