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Maximum Volume – Actros Volumer.

Huge transportation volumes, fuel-saving powertrain configurations, an increased range and perfect alignment to the application for which you intend to deploy it – the Actros Volumer shows how tractor units and rigid trucks need to be built today, to make high-volume haulage especially profitable.

Offering fifth wheel heights from under 900mm, The Actros Volumer can give a clear loading height of 3 m within a 4m height limit, but offering so many other benefits.

The maximum fuel tank volume, for example, has been increased to 990 l, and is thus some 10% larger than in the predecessor model – and this despite having to accommodate the extra size of the Euro VI exhaust technology. Low-frame rigid trucks have a maximum fuel tank volume of 1000 l, an increase of 70%. That saves money through removing the need to retro-fit tank add-ons. The economical 6-cylinder in-line engines, available in 13 power bands from 175 kW (238 hp) to 350 kW (476 hp), play their part in increasing the range by using less fuel per kilometre travelled. Over and above this, the powertrain configurations that have been optimised for their end-use applications make the Actros Volumer a truly economical haulage solution – for the wide range of rear axle ratios available means that, even with 315/45 tyres, the Actros Volumer can always be fitted with direct drive transmission, saving up to 1% fuel compared to overdrive transmission. In addition, a range of eleven different cab variants – from the GigaSpace through to the CompactSpace cab, which is ideal for car transportation – provides the right amount of space for practically every requirement in international and domestic high-volume haulage. In short: the new Actros Volumer brings together three decisive advantages in one vehicle: huge transportation volume, increased range and excellent economy.

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